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The UbiComp lab (@ National Taiwan University) is interested in designing and creating real systems that demonstrate how future computing technologies can blend into our everyday activities. We are interested in creating digital technology that can engage and excite people into active participation of desirable physical and mental activities at home that are considered healthy, creative, productive, educational, playful, etc. Our goal is to develop digital technology that empowers people, not just supports smart environments.

We are interested in embedding computing, networking, and sensing capability into physical objects and environment so that they exhibit intelligent interaction with human. We are interested in behavior sensing and feedback systems that influence and motivate behavioral changes in people. We are interested in exploring sensor system & networking platform, making it easy to create new pervasive applications. We are interested in indoor and outdoor localization system that can track whereabouts of things and people. We have a general interest in discovering new lifestyles, social interaction, and human-computer interaction enabled by ubiquity of computing and networking in our physical environment.

We especially welcome undergraduate students (大學部1-4) to participate in our research projects.

Check out the lab's project page on our current and past research activities.

The UbiComp lab has and had worked closely with the following talented faculty members inside and outside computer science:

The UbiComp lab has collaborated with several industrial partners, including Intel, Microsoft, IBM, III, ITRI, and Quanta Computers.

The UbiComp lab is located in the CSIE building, Room 336/338 (資訊工程系館336/338室). The CSIE building is building #82 on the main NTU campus map (pdf). The phone number is (8862) 3366-4888, ext 336/338.