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Advanced Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Spring Semester, 2010
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department
Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia
National Taiwan University
Class Time: Tue 2:20 ~ 5:00
Room: CSIE 324




This research-level course will cover advanced topics in human computer interaction (HCI), including design theory, design practice, user evaluation, HCI software system, and computer supported cooperative work (CSCW). This course is targeting specifically for graduate students or senior undergraduate students who want to acquire necessary knowledge in preparation for further research in human computer interaction. This course will have two main components: paper readings and hands-on projects. The reading list is shown below. In the hands-on projects, students will form teams to explore actual design and prototype of HCI systems. Students are expected to present as well as participate actively in class discussion.


  • Instructor: Hao-hua Chu (朱浩華), CSIE Room 518, email: hchu (at)
  • Teaching Assistant: Joe (邱孟傑), CSIE Room 336/338, email terry3800 (at)


Class participation and paper presentation will account for most of the grade. The project is optional, and if you are taking UbiComp course at the same time, you can do a project for both courses.


  • A98922103
  • B96122
  • R98942051
  • T98901107


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Topics Readings Notes
2/23/2010 Introduction  
3/2/2010 Design theory I

Interface metaphors and user interface design
Carroll, J. M., Mack, R. L., & Kellogg, W. A.
M. Helander (Eds.), in Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction. Amsterdam; New York: Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., 1988, pp. 67-85. (Presenter : Han)

3/9/2010 Design theory II

Designing for Usability: Key Principles, and What Designers Think (Presenter : SY)
Gould, J.D & Lewis, C.H.
Communications of the ACM, 28(3), 1985, pp. 300-311.

The Design of Everyday Things (Presenter : Erik)
Donald A. Norman
Chapter 1 from The Design of Everyday Things



Design theory III

Interactive Sketching for the Early Stages of User Interface Design (Presenter : 韋安)
James Landay and Brad Myers
In Proceedings of CHI '95: Human Factors in Computing Systems, Denver, CO, May 1995, pp. 43-50.

Prototyping for Tiny Fingers (Presenter : Muffin)
Marc Rettig
in Communications of the ACM, Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 21-27, April 1994.


3/23/2010 Design Practice I

Direct Manipulation vs. Interface Agents (Presenter : Eason)
Ben Shneiderman and Pattie Maes
in Interactions, Vol. 4, No. 6 (Nov-Dec 1997), pp. 42-61.

Principles of mixed-initiative user interfaces (Presenter : Eason)
Eric Horvitz
Proceeding of the CHI 99 conference on Human factors in computing systems Pages: 159 - 166, 1999

The first two papers are presented together.
3/30/2010 Design Practice II

Effective Sounds in Complex Systems: The ARKola Simulation (Presenter : 韋安)
William W. Gaver and Randall B. Smith and Tim O'Shea
Proceedings of ACM CHI'91 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems pp.85-90. 1991.

Designing SpeechActs: Issues in Speech User Interfaces (Presenter : Joe)
Yankelovic, Nicole et. al.
Proceedings of CHI '95: Human Factors in Computing Systems , Denver, CO, May 1995, pp.369-376. pdf



No class



4/13/2010 Design Practice III A Morphological Analysis of the Design Space of Input Devices (Presenter : Lime)
Card, S. K., Mackinlay, J. D., and Robertson, G. G.,
ACM Transactions on Information Systems, Volume 9, Issue 2, 1992, pp. 99-122.
4/20/2010 Design Practice IV

(postpone to 5/4/2010 )Ten Myths of Multimodal Interaction (Presenter : Kerry)
Sharon Oviatt
Communications of the ACM 42(11), pp. 74-81.pdf

Information Visualization (Presenter : 韋安)
Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think
Card Mackinlay, and Shneiderman, Morgan Kaufmann, 1999.

4/27/2010 Design Practice V

Interaction techniques for ambiguity resolution in recognition-based interfaces (Presenter : Early )
Jennifer Mankoff and Scott E. Hudson and Gregory D. Abowd
In Proceedings of UIST 2000. pp. 11-20. pdf

The Design of a GUI Paradigm Based on Tablets, Two-hands, and Transparency (Presenter : Erik)
Kurtenbach, G., Fitzmaurice, G. Baudel, T. and Buxton, B.
In Proceedings of CHI '97: Human Factors in Computing Systems, Atlanta, GA, March 1997, pp. 35-42. pdf

Evaluation I

Methodology matters: doing research in the behavioral and social sciences (Presenter : Joe )
Joseph McGrath
Readings in Human-Computer Interaction: Toward the Year 2000
R.M. Baecker, J. Grudin and W.A.S. Buxton, ed. pp.152-169


Evaluation II

Heuristic Evaluation (Presenter : SY)
Jakob Nielsen
Usability Inspection Methods
edited by Jakob Nielsen & Robert L. Mack, 1994, pp. 25-61.

"Why and When Five Test Users aren't Enough" (Presenter : Muffin )
Woolrych, A. and Cockton, G.,
Proceedings of IHM-HCI 2001 Conference: Volume 2
eds. J. Vanderdonckt, A. Blandford, and A. Derycke, Cpadus ditions: Toulouse, 105-108, 2001. pdf

5/18/2010 Evaluation III

(long) The Human Information-Processor (Presenter : Joe )
The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction
S.K. Card, T.P. Moran, and A. Newell, 1983, pp.23-93


No class



6/1/2010 Evaluation IV

"The GOMS Family of User Interface Analysis Techniques: Comparison and Contrast" (Presenter : Eason )
Bonnie E. John and David E. Kieras
Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction v.3 n.4 p.320-351. pdf

"Extending Fitts' Law to Two-Dimensional Tasks" (Presenter : Early)
Scott MacKenzie, William Buxton
Proceedings of ACM CHI'92 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
pp. 219-226. pdf



Groupware and Social Dynamics: Eight Challenges for Developers (Presenter : Lime )
Grudin, Jonathan
Communications of the ACM, Vol. 37, No. 1 (Jan. 1994), pp. 92-105.

Distance Matters (Presenter : Han)
Gary M. Olsen and Judith S. Olsen
Human-Computer Interaction. 15(2/3). pp. 139-178. 2000.

6/15/2010 No class    






Past, Present, and Future of User Interface Software Tools
Brad Myers and Scott E. Hudson and Randy Pausch
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI) 7(1), pp. 3-28. pdf

Glyphs: Flyweight objects for user interfaces. (Presenter :)
P. R. Calder & M. A. Linton
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, pp. 92-101. 1990

Your Place or Mine? Learning from Long-Term Use of Audio-Video Communication (Presenter :)
Dourish, P., Adler, A., Bellotti, V., and Henderson
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, 5(1), 33-62, 1996

Animation Support in a User Interface Toolkit: Flexible, Robust and Reusable Abstractions (Presenter :)
Scott E. Hudson and John T. Stasko.
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, pp. 57-67. 1993 pdf

Rapid ethnography: time deepening strategies for HCI field research (Presenter :)
David R. Millen
Proceedings of ACM DIS'00. pp. 280-286. pdf