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計算機程式設計 (Intro C Programming)

Fall Semester, 2012
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department
National Taiwan University
Class Time: Mon 9:10 ~ 12:00
Lecture Room: CSIE 資204

Course Description:

This course provides a brief introduction to C programming language and standard libraries for computer science majors. This course does not assume students to have any prior programming experiences. At the end of the course, students ought to learn how to write good computer programs in C.


  • Basic typing skill

Teaching Staff and Office Hours:

  • Instructor: Hao-hua Chu (朱浩華), Room 518, Office hour: Wed 14:00-15:00, email: hchu (at)
  • Teaching assistant#1: 陳世穎, Room 204, Office hour: Tue 11:00-12:00, email: gn01812345 (at)
  • Teaching assistant#2: 林均達, Room 204, Office hour: Mon 19:30-20:30, email: r01922020 (at)


  • Optional: C Programming Language (2nd Edition) by Brian Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie

Homework Uploading

Tenative Lecture Schedule:

Lecture Topics Assignments
9/10/2012 Introduction & Hello World (ppt, pdf)
9/17/2012 C Overview (ppt, pdf)
New for Code::blocks(pdf)
Assignment #1 (link)
9/24/2012 Control Flow (ppt, pdf) Assignment #2 (link)
10/1/2012 Basic Types and Function (ppt, pdf) Assignment #3 (link)
10/8/2012 Arrays and Recursion (ppt, pdf) Assignment #4 (link)
10/15/2012 Pointers and Strings (ppt, pdf) Assignment #5 (link)
10/22/2012 Variable Scope and Memory Model (ppt, pdf) Assignment #6 (link)
10/29/2012 Review (ppt, pdf)
11/5/2012 Midterm exam (in class)  
11/12/2012 Preprocessor (ppt, pdf)  
11/19/2012 File Input and Output (ppt, pdf) Assignment #9 (link)  
11/26/2012 Structures, Unions and Enumerations (ppt, pdf) Assignment #10 (link)
12/3/2012 Linked List (ppt, pdf) Assignment #11 (link)
12/10/2012 Binary Tree (ppt, pdf) Assignment #12 (link)
12/17/2012 Other C Topics (ppt, pdf) Makefile template(Download)  
12/24/2012 Programming Style (ppt, pdf)  
12/31/2012 No Class and Holiday
1/7/2013 Final Exam (in class)


  • Assignments (30%)
  • Midterm exam (35%)
  • Final exam (35%)