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計算機程式設計 (Intro C Programming)

Spring Semester, 2013
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department
National Taiwan University
Class Time: Mon 2:20 ~ 4:10
Lecture Room: CSIE 資204

Course Description:

This course provides a brief introduction to C programming language and standard libraries for non-CS majors. This course does not assume students to have any prior programming experiences. At the end of the course, students ought to learn how to write good computer programs in C.


  • Basic typing skill

Teaching Staff and Office Hours:

  • Instructor: Hao-hua Chu (朱浩華), Room 518, Office hour: Wed 14:00-15:00, email: hchu (at)
  • Teaching assistant: Nan Chen (陳南蓁), Room 217, Office hour: Thu 12:30-1:30, email: nanchen.chen+introc (at) (Please send an email before coming to TA office hour.)


  • Optional: Problem Solving and Program Design in C (6th Edition) by Jeri Hanly and Elliot Koffman

Homework Uploading

  • Submit your assignments (programs) online to the judge system. This is a tutorial on how to use the judge system (ppt)

Lecture Schedule:

Lecture Topics Assignments
2/18/2013 Course introduction & Hello World (ppt, pdf)
2/25/2013 Continue the 1st lecture (ppt, pdf)
New for Code::blocks(pdf)
Assignment #1
(hw1-1 hw1-2 hw1-3)
3/4/2013 Control Flow (ppt, pdf) Assignment #2
(hw2-1 hw2-2 hw2-3 hw2-4)
3/11/2013 Basic Types and Function (ppt, pdf) Assignment #3
(hw3-1 hw3-2)
3/18/2013 Basic Types and Function (ppt, pdf) Assignment #4
(hw4-1 hw4-2 hw4-3 hw4-4)
3/25/2013 Arrays and Recursion (ppt, pdf) Assignment #5
(hw5-1 hw5-2 hw5-3)
4/1/2013 Pointers (ppt, pdf) Assignment #6
4/8/2013 Strings, Variable Scope (ppt, pdf) Assignment #7
(hw7-1 hw7-2 hw7-3 hw7-4)
4/15/2013 Midterm exam (in class)  
4/22/2013 Static Variable, Memory Model, Top-Down Program Development(ppt, pdf) Assignment #8
(hw8-1 hw8-2)
4/29/2013 No class Assignment #9 (link)  
5/6/2013 File Input and Output (ppt, pdf) Assignment #10 (link)  
5/13/2013 Structures, Unions and Enumerations (ppt, pdf) Assignment #10 (link)
5/21/2013 Programming Style (ppt, pdf) Assignment #11 (link)
5/28/2013 Linked List (ppt, pdf) Assignment #12 (link)
6/3/2013 Binary Tree (ppt, pdf) Assignment #13 (link)
6/10/2013 Other C Topics (ppt, pdf) Makefile template(Download) Assignment #14 (link)
6/17/2013 Final Exam (in class)


  • Assignments (33%)
  • Midterm exam (33%)
  • Final exam (33%)