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Database Systems (資料庫系統)

Fall Semester, 2010
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department 
National Taiwan University
Lecture: Wed 9:10 ~ 12:00
Lecture Rooms: CSIE 103 (朱浩華) and CSIE 101 (徐宏民)

Course Description:

This is the first course in database management systems. Students will learn (1) how to use a relational databases and (2) how to build key components of a relational database. Students will also learn some advance topics, such as query optimization and transaction management, etc. Since this is a CSIE course, it will place more emphasis on the systems aspects of the database (2/3 of the course materials) rather than in the applications aspects of database systems (1/3 of the course materials). This course will be taught with a mixture of English/Chinese, and students are encouraged to ask questions either in Chinese or English.


  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Proficiency in C++ programming

Required Textbook:

  • "Database Management Systems, Third Edition"by Ramakrishnan and Gehrke.  It is available from 新月 and (and other bookstores).

Teaching Staff and Office Hours:

  • Instructors:
    • Winston Hsu (徐宏民), Room 512, email: winston (AT)
    • Hao-hua Chu (朱浩華), Room 518, office hour: Thu 2:00 - 3:30, email: hchu (AT)
  • Teaching Assistants
    • Tiffany Chen (陳予涵), Room 204, Office Hours: Wed 14:20~16:20, email: 204ta (at) csie ntu edu tw
    • Lydian Li (李庭嫣), Room 217, Office Hours: Thu 10:10:12:10, email: lydian (at) csie ntu edu tw
    • 陳柏村, Room 506, Office Hours: Fri 9:10~11:10, email: siriushpa (at)
    • 黃彥達, Room 506, Office Hours: Tue 13:10~15:10, email: hyd0916 (at)

Lecture Schedule:

Lecture Topics Readings Assignments
9/15 Introduction (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 1
9/22 No class (Mid-Autumn Festival)    

ER model (ppt) (Prof. Chu away at UbiComp/Denmark)

R&G Chapter 2 (except 2.7)

Assignment #1 ER (pdf)
10/6 Relational model (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 3  
10/13 Relational algebra (ppt, pdf); Answers to exercises in the lecture

R&G Chapter 4.1~4.2


10/20 SQL (ppt, pdf); Intro to MySQL (pdf) R&G Chapter 5 Assignment #2 SQL (pdf)
Related file: DB

10/27 SQL (finish previous slides) R&G Chapter 5  
11/3 Storage and indexing overview (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 8  
11/10 Disks and files (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 9 Assignment #3 Heap File Pages Programming (pdf)
Related file: hfpage , slide
11/17 Midterm exam (in class, closed book) Cover Chapters 1, 2<except 2.7>, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 5, 8  
11/24 Tree-structured indexing (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 10 Assignment #4 Buffer Manager Programming (pdf)
Related file: BufMgr , slide
12/1 Hash-based Indexing (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 11  
12/8 Query Evaluation Overview(ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 12 Assignment #5 B+ Tree (pdf)
Related file: BTree , slide
12/15 External Sorting & Join Evaluation Algorithms (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapters 13 & 14.4  
12/22 Transaction management overview (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapters 16 Assignment #6 Sort-merge join programming (pdf, slide)
Related file: smjoin
12/29 Concurrency control (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapter 17.1 ~ 17.4

1/5 Crash recovery (ppt, pdf) R&G Chapters 18  
1/12 Final Exam (in class, closed book) Cover Chapters 9-13, 14.4, 16, 17.1~17.4, 18  

Communications with teaching staff:

  • Please check the course homepage regularly for announcements
  • BBS / CSIE_DBMS : Please post your questions (assignments, final project, etc.) on BBS.  Please read posted messages before posting new questions. Do not spam. Please post questions related to this course ONLY. TAs will try to respond to your questions as quickly as possible.
  • Send email to TAs or the instructor.
  • Come to TA office hours

Grading for Database Systems:

  • Assignments (30% of Grade)
  • Midterm Exam (35% of Grade)
  • Final Exam (35% of Grade)


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