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Courses > Topics in Internet of Things 2018S

Spring Semester, 2018
Computer Science and Information Engineering Department
National Taiwan University
Class Time: Wed 1:30 ~ 4:10
Class Room: CSIE 資102

Course Description:

This course will take a multi-disciplinary approach to design future IoT (Internet of Things). This course attempts to combine artificial intelligence techniques, design thinking methods, and embedded system tools to envision future smart artefacts that addresss real-world human needs. On the AI techniques, this course covers practical data analysis and machine learning techniques. On the design methods, this course covers the basic design thinking process, starting from user needfinding, insightful problem statement with point of views, ideation, prototype, and evaluation. On the embedded system tools, this course covers either Adruino or Rapsberry Pi. This course is practical with a project studio (i.e., half-lecture & half-studio), in which students will apply techniques and methods learned in the class and use them to design+build+test a semester-long group project. As the first-time course offering by the joint faculty, this course is experimental that the teaching staff may not figure out every detail yet. Students must be willling to learn together with the teaching staff. The design part of this course adapts teaching materials from the Stanford HCI course (with thanks to Prof. James Landay) and Stanford D.School.


  • Good English skill (all readings & videos are in English)
  • Willing to work in groups

Teaching Staff and Office Hours:

  • Instructor: 朱浩華 (Hao), email:
  • Instructor: 許永真 (Jane), NTU Room 318, email:
  • Instructor: 梁容輝 (Jazz), NTUST Room T1-402, email:
  • Teaching assistant: 黃怡靜 (Janet), NTU Room 336, email:
  • Teaching assistant: 葉俊言 (Jacky), NTU Room 336, email:
  • Teaching assistant: 王斯泓 (Sean), NTU Room 336, email:
  • Teaching assistant: 莊偉銘 (David), NTUST Design, email:

Course Facebook group:


Lecture Schedule:

Dates Topics Readings Due Assignment Out Assignment Due Studio
02-28-2018 No class, national holiday  

03-07-2018 Introduction (slides) (1) Join FB group for course announcements.
(2) fill up google form your name & student_id and project theme of interest before Sat (3/10)
(3)Think about the semester project idea & themes

03-10-2018 (Sat) Design thinking: empathize lecture & studio (slides) Tom Kelley, The Perfect Brainstorm, Excerpt from The Art of Innovation

Holtzblatt & Beyer, Contextual Design, Ch. 3

Assignment #1: Needfinding Empathy exercises(slides)

03-14-2018 Design thinking: define lecture & studio (slides) ABC News Nightline IDEO Deep Dive, July 1999 (22 minutes) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Bonus video: ABC News, IDEO Design Thinking, Jan. 6, 2013 (60 minutes)

video: How to give a great research talk, Patrick Baudisch, (fast-forward to 12th min and stop on 30th min, total 18 min)

Empathy map & POV exercise(slides)

03-21-2018 Embodied interaciton: movement, material, & meaning (link) Tips for Working Successfully in a Group by Randy Pausch

The Discipline of Teams, by Katzenbach and Smith, Harvard Business Review

Watch the following videos at home:

Keys to Creating Awesome Teams (5:21), Cyriac Roeding, Shopkick

Working in Teams (0:56), Tina Seelig, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Team Composition (2:33), Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Ways to Create Ecosystems (really characteristics of group intelligence, performance, & innovation) (5:43), Sharon Vosmek, Astia

Ways of Working (5:50), Sue Siegel, GE

Assignment #1 needfinding

03-28-2018 Design thinking: ideate (slides) Assignment #2: POVs and Experience Prototypes & Website Interaction-Tarot

03-31-2018 (Sat) Design thinking: prototype (Cancel)

04-04-2018 Holiday

04-11-2018 Design framework and patterns for IoT (link) Assignment #3: (a) IoT examples (b) Low-fi prototype & pilot test

04-18-2018 Embodied interaction: concept things & annotated portfolios (link) Assignment #2 POVs and Experience Prototypes & Website

04-25-2018 Classes are re-scheduled to 05/05

05-02-2018 Tech course 1: Raspberry Pi Basic + Input/Output + Plug and Play (slides) Assignment #3: Low-fi prototype & Pilot test

05-09-2018 Talk by Tuck LeongBrief & Critique (slides) 5-mins presentation (3 slides: Motivation, HMWs, Prototypes)

05-16-2018 Tech course 2: Web API + text to speech (slides)

05-23-2018 Tech course 3: Network Communication and AgilePoint (slides) Final Presentation & Report (brief, detail)

05-30-2018 Design thinking: test (slides)

06-06-2018 Smart IoT

06-13-2018 No lecture (re-scheduled to 5/25 Talk)

06-20-2018 Final project presentation

06-27-2018 Final report (due: 6/27)