By carrying a Bluetooth breathalyzer wirelessly connected with the SoberDiary client installed on their phones, patients can perform breath alcohol tests to self-monitor their alcohol use. All testing results as well as momentary feedback sampled by the SoberDiary client are used to provide appropriate suggestions for reducing alcohol cravings and are uploaded to a remote backend server to enable continuous patient monitoring.

Self alcohol use detection

Through a portable Bluetooth breathalyzer carried by patients, they can perform breath alcohol tests to self-monitor their alcohol use anytime and anywhere. After completing tests, they can self-report their emotion and craving indices through smartphones.

Managing skill suggestion

According to test results and momentary feedback, SoberDiary provides lapse and relapse prevention and handling skills to support patients.

Progress feedback

Through personal progress and incentives summarized by SoberDiary, patients can review test results in a daily dashboard, a weekly summary, and a monthly trend. They can also check the number of credits and coupons they have earned, the amount of money they have saved, and the rankings of the patients to encourage them maintaining sobriety.

Storytelling visualization

By incorporating the principles of the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous in visualizing a story struggling with alcohol, patients can recognize positive spiritual elements and share their struggles with their family members or friends.

Mood sampling

In each step, SoberDiary also plots the emotion index, the craving index, and daily BrAC values as individual charts. Patients can also record their feelings by using voice recording to remind themselves of the cause of the feelings in the future.